Jonathan Peraza F.

Software Engineer

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Jonathan has over 6 years of experience as Software Engineer, he is adept at solving problems in Frontend and has a deep knowledge of Javascript-based technologies.

Jonathan is passionate about teaching and learning new web technologies and has participated in the development of a social network for a private university in Mexico which impacts thousands of students using technologies such as Vue.js, GraphQL, using SASS, Storybook to showcase web components.

In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and videogames.

My Services

What Can I Do


Responsive Design & Web Development

I have experience on different projects since mobile optimization, developed plugins for different CMS platforms, React & Vue advanced level. Figma & Zeplin for web design.


Migrate your source code to version control

Migrate your codebase to cloud environments using git protocol, allowing your collaborators to easily contribute in the development process.


Migrate to cloud environments

Automation of procceses to validate the quality of the project by setting up unit and functional testing checks and coverage, code standards, automatic builds and automatic deployments to cloud environments.


Staff Training

I have imparted different workshops related to new technologies, best practices and product development, which can boost your team by taking them to the next level of collaboration.


Technical Interview

I have experience in the technical interview process, I can help you to find the best candidates for your team, I can also help you to prepare for your next interview.


Analysis & Optimization

Get a detailed report of your website performance, I can help you to improve your website performance and user experience.

My Resume

Professional Experience

Cerbyinc { 2023 - Current }

Sr Software Engineer

Full stack developer, working in cibersecurity platform. Using React, Typescript

Human API { 2021 - 2023 }

Sr Software Engineer

Full stack developer, working with React, Nodejs, MongoDB, AWS.

Wizeline { 2017 - 2021 }

Software Engineer III

As Interviewer, I was responsible for the technical evaluation of candidates, and as a mentor, I was responsible for the technical development of the team.

Developed with Vuejs & Apollo Client, a Social Network for a private university in Mexico, which impacts thousands of students.

Developed with PHP and vanilla javascript a plugin to customize a CMS to post company offices locations and contacts to call in case of emergencies.

Developed with React, I helped to develop an internal tool which impacts the company in a positive way giving the collaborators to ask questions to e-staff members directly.

SalesUp! { 2016 - 2017 }

Software Developer

I helped by improving the framework to serve the frontend pages using technologies such as vanilla javascript and handlebars templates, but also I helped with a migration of the file management system by doing a re-platform for the system always thinking in a cloud environment using AWS services such as SQS, EC2, Lambdas.

PriceTravel Holding { 2015 }

Software Developer (Intern)

As a trainee, I helped to develop a web platform which displays product sales into a dashboard by accessing the location of each item sold and placing it in a world map. For this project we used leaflet as our map provides and webRTC for the real time sockets connection

Also as a trainee, I helped in the replatform of a web-mobile application by separating concerns into server-side and client-side improving the load time from almost 10s to 200ms.

Turicun { 2012 }

Software Developer (Intern)

As an Intern, I helped with some bash scripting to migrate SQL files to get information from those and migrating it to KML files to be consumed in a web application to display public transportation routes into a map of the city.